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Dr. Elizabeth Clyde
Dr. Elizabeth Clyde
Owner, Veterinarian
Growing up, Dr. Elizabeth Clyde took care of every animal she came across, whether it was an abandoned baby rabbit or the family dog. The older she got, the more her passion for animals and their care blossomed. Dr. Clyde has always known that becoming a veterinarian is what she was meant to do! Her dream never wavered, and she’s served as the proud owner and operator of Clyde’s Veterinary Clinic for 25 years.

Dr. Clyde was born in Chicago but grew up in El Dorado, Arkansas. She was still in junior high when she started working at a local animal hospital, and would continue there until leaving for college at Louisiana Tech University to major in animal science. Dr. Clyde chose the University of Illinois for veterinary school, and completed her externship at New York City’s largest veterinary hospital before returning to Illinois to launch her career in private practice.

Dr. Clyde opened Clyde’s Veterinary Clinic in June of 1995 in order to practice her own client-centered, personalized brand of veterinary care. She’s been serving the pets and animal parents of this area ever since! She particularly loves surgical work, internal medicine, and advanced dental and oral surgery. Most of all, Dr. Clyde loves to chat one-on-one with pet owners and meet their adorable companions on a daily basis.

When she isn’t caring for pets here at the clinic, Dr. Clyde enjoys riding horses, running long-distance, gardening, and spending quality time with her family and pets. Along with her husband, Roy, and their two children, Lydia and Stewart, she shares her life with several animal friends: Dee, a sweet Golden Retriever; three cats named Riley, Benni, and Charlie; Dr. Clyde’s daughter’s cat named Olive, and her daughter’s Quarter Horse, Buddy.
Dr. Mary Pat Williams
Dr. Mary Pat Williams
Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Mary Williams grew up with an intense love of horses, and became a trail guide at a local horse barn when she was very young. Her brother ended up becoming a veterinarian himself, and Dr. Williams often tagged along on farm visits and critical care calls—those experiences inspired her to pursue veterinary medicine herself. She hasn’t looked back since, and has now been helping pets and their owners as a part of the Clyde’s Veterinary Clinic family for over 20 years!

Dr. Williams grew up in the Chicago area and attended Veterinary Technician school to earn her certifications, taking a job as a Technician with research animals at the University of Chicago after graduating. A few years later, she started taking classes to count toward her Bachelor’s degree in science. It wasn’t long before Dr. Williams had decided to take the plunge and apply to veterinary school!

After graduating from the University of Illinois with her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Williams started applying to animal hospitals in the area. She chose to sign on with the team here at Clyde’s Veterinary Clinic in the summer of 1997, and has been serving the area’s pets and animal parents ever since! Dr. Williams especially likes diagnostic work and preventative care, and she loves developing relationships with the area’s pet owners over the years.

In her spare time, Dr. Williams likes visiting family, trail riding on horseback, bicycling, and walking her dogs. She has two wonderful sons, Logan and Tristan, as well as a menagerie of pets: Krysis the Doberman; a Greyhound named Indee; three cats named Panyck, Savage, and Algae; and a pair of horses named Rocky and Rascal.
Brittany Harmston
Brittany Harmston
Certified Veterinary Technician
Brittany’s mother is a Registered Nurse, so Brittany has been learning about medicine ever since she was a little girl. She knew that she didn’t want to pursue human medicine herself, though. When Brittany thought back about what made her truly passionate, the answer became clear: veterinary medicine would allow her to utilize her interest in medicine and her adoration of animals at the same time!

Brittany hails from Central Illinois and first launched her journey in animal care by signing on as a dog bather at a local pet store. Clyde’s Veterinary Clinic took care of sick animals from that store, and a former employee mentioned to Brittany that the hospital was hiring. She jumped at her chance to get her foot in the door at a veterinary clinic!

Brittany first joined the Clyde’s Veterinary Clinic team as a receptionist, and then returned to school to study veterinary technology. She graduated as a Certified Veterinary Technician, and has been helping pets in that capacity here at the clinic ever since. Brittany has a special passion for dental work, and she also loves nursing hospitalized patients back to full health.

Away from work, Brittany likes spending time outdoors, reading, and spending time with her fiancé, Colton, and their pets. The couple lives in Mattoon with a pair of Miniature Dachshunds, Susie and Frankie; three cats who go by Luna, Valhalla, and Sazh; and a corn snake named Randy.
Veterinary Assistant, Receptionist
Ashley always wondered what it would be like to work behind-the-scenes in a veterinary clinic. She never thought she would actually get the chance! When the opportunity arose for Ashley to join the Clyde’s Veterinary Clinic family and help people and pets on a daily basis, she dove in headfirst. She’s a member of the clinic’s Veterinary Assistant and reception teams.

Ashley first joined the clinic family in January of 2009 after hearing about an open position from her cousin, who worked here at the time. Ashley started as a member of the kennel team before moving into the reception area, and she’s also been trained as a Veterinary Assistant. She’s particularly passionate about educating the area’s pet owners on preventative healthcare and the best products for their companions, and her favorite part of the job is seeing owners get excited about their adorable new pets.

When she’s not here at the hospital, Ashley likes decorating, crafting and sewing, and cooking and baking. She has two dogs and a cat at home: Fergus the orange tabby; a Labrador/Husky mix named Ellie who has a problem with listening; and a goofy Goldendoodle who goes by Oliver.
Katie Jenkins
Katie Jenkins
Kennel Technician, Veterinary Assistant
As her beloved childhood dog began to age, Katie felt compelled to learn anything and everything that she could in order to help her pup remain happy and comfortable. That feeling turned into a passion that hasn’t let up to this day! Katie is now a proud member of the Clyde’s Veterinary Clinic team and looks forward to advancing her education at veterinary school in the future.

Katie is from Charleston and attended Eastern Illinois University to earn her degree in biology. She started here at the hospital in November of 2018 as a Kennel Technician, and was soon trained on-the-job to become a Veterinary Assistant. Katie particularly likes taking X-ray scans and performing ultrasounds, and her favorite thing to do is meet and greet new pets and owners on a daily basis.

Katie’s interests away from work include photography, painting and pottery, and baking. She shares her life with several wonderful pets at home: Nickie, a lazy black cat; a long-haired mutt who goes by Sydney; Duke the foster-fail Dachshund; and a diminutive Pit Bull named Layla.
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