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Cancer Treatment

boarding (2)Cancer is becoming more and more common in our pets.

If you are struggling because your pet was given a difficult diagnosis, we want you to know that we are here to help! Here at Clyde's Animal Clinic, we are proud to offer the latest cancer treatments to help your pet through this difficult time.

We would be happy to schedule an examination with you and your pet to discuss the treatment that would be best for you and your family. Whenever possible, surgery to remove the cancerous tumor is the best course of action. We also offer chemotherapy and radiation. Dogs and cats do not have the side effects that people often get through these therapies so they are often viable options. We also treat your pet’s symptoms to give your pet the best quality of life possible. Sometimes this is the only option. Diet is also a big concern so it is important to discuss your pet’s eating habits with us during your visits.

Getting a cancer diagnosis can be terrifying but we are here for you. Feel free to contact us here at (217) 234-2287 if you have any questions about how we can help.

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