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How You Can Help Your Dog Cope With Fireworks

July 1, 2021

The 4th of July is almost here. While most Americans look forward to celebrating the USA’s birthday, it’s also critical to think about the fact that this can be an extremely dangerous holiday for our furry friends. Many pooches are totally terrified of fireworks! A local pet clinic highlights some ways that you can help Fido cope.

 Early Workout

Your dog is always a little more tranquil after burning off his non-stop zoomies. Before dark, bring Fido for a lengthy walk. Vigorous playing can also help tire him out.

Crate Time

Crates can be very helpful when they’re used the right way. The important thing is to ensure that your pup finds his crate to be comfy, cozy, and more like a den than a jail. If Fido enjoys his crate, he could feel safer when he’s inside it. Put comfortable bedding in his crate. Give him a puzzle toy or delicious treat to help keep him busy and serene.

Calming Shirt

If your canine companion is terrified of loud noises, he could benefit from wearing a snug shirt. Snug shirts are like weighted blankets. Not all dogs love them, so you’ll want to see how your pet reacts.

Background Noise

Keep your radio or TV on when Fido is inside. This may help hide the noise of the fireworks. And, the noise in the background may help soothe your furry friend. 


You don’t want to overly shower your pet with attention. If you do this when Fido is scared, you could unexpectedly reward him for being nervous. If your dog seems scared, pet and talk to him a little to help calm him down.

Pet-Calming Products

One more thing you may want to think about is giving Fido some pheromones, or pet-calming products. There is a variety of these products on the market, including collars, treats, and sprays. Talk to your veterinarian for additional information on these.


Our furry friends all have different personalities, and some are just more skittish than others. If your pooch is generally hyper, you might want to try desensitization from the loud noises. To do this, play a CD or stream something that sounds like a thunderstorm or any loud noise. At first, keep it at a low volume, and then slowly increase it over time. (This may take several days, weeks, or even months.) 

Happy Fourth of July! Contact us, your local pet clinic, for more information. We always want to help!

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