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International Guide Dog Day

There’s a special holiday around the corner. April 27th is International Guide Dogs Day! Guide dogs definitely deserve the recognition: these loyal, hard-working pups have …
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Signs Of Arthritis In Cats

Just like people, cats can be prone to developing arthritis as they age. This painful condition develops when the tendons and ligaments that cushion and …
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Unchain A Dog Month

February is Unchain A Dog Month. This is one message we definitely want to help spread! Keeping a dog chained is becoming illegal in more …
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Adopting A Bird

Are you thinking about adopting a pet bird? Good for you! Birds have really specific care needs, so if you have never had one before, …
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Snow Dog Care Tips

Anyone have a snow dog? Interestingly, snow dogs aren’t an official AKC group: most dogs that fall into this category are actually part of the …
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